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Experience the Next Level of Native App Development

Seamless Functionality, Flawless Performance - Native Apps At Their Best.

Power your business with WALLii's complete mobile app development services. We specialize in native design and development for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows, creating seamless experiences across devices like iPhone, iPad, Pixel, and more. Our cost-effective solutions have helped organizations gain a competitive edge and accelerate their path to market. With extensive experience designing and deploying native mobile apps for various sectors, we are your trusted partner for turning ideas into remarkable realities.

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Android Studio
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Empower Your Android Experience With WALLii's Native Mobile Solutions.

Unleash the power of native mobile solutions with WALLii's top-tier Android development team. Our experts create flawless apps for Android/iOS devices, adapting seamlessly to diverse resolutions. Using leading IDEs like Android Studio and Eclipse, we code in JAVA and integrate APIs for enhanced functionality. Trust us to guide you in selecting the best technology, defining the right solution, and creating a comprehensive roadmap for your native mobile app development needs.

Essential Services We Provide

Native Andriod App Development

Experience comprehensive Android app development services at WALLii, covering the entire development cycle from concept to distribution. Our expertise lies in harnessing native features, including Google's robust suite of tools and an extensive range of Java software libraries, to elevate the functionality of your app. With a focus on end-to-end custom solutions, we cater to all Android devices, from smartphones and tablets to Android TVs. Trust WALLii to deliver exceptional products tailored to your needs.

Empowering Your Android Journey with Our Comprehensive Services:
  • Android App Design & Development
  • Seamless API Integration
  • Google Play Store Optimization
  • Rigorous Android App Testing
  • Updating and Upgrading App Versions

Native iOS App Development

We at WALLii provides iOS app development with services that cover the entire development cycle, from concept to distribution. With enhanced cross-device capabilities, an open-source programming language (Swift), and unmatched security and reliability, iOS is a powerful native option. We deliver end-to-end custom products that encompass the complete range of iOS devices, including iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhone app development

Experience the expertise of our dedicated iOS team as they drive innovation in the following areas:
  • iPhone App Design & Development
  • iPad App Design & Development
  • iWatch App Design & Development
  • Apple TV App Design & Development
  • App Store Optimization
  • iOS App Support & Maintenance

Why Choose WALLii for Native Mobile Development Services?

We've Empowered Countless Companies to Surpass Boundaries and Achieve Remarkable Growth! Discover What Sets Us Apart...

  • Certified developers with expertise
  • Extensive SDK knowledge and application
  • Transparent communication
  • Agile development methodology
  • Strong server architecture skills
  • Cost-effective and time-saving approach
  • Seamless multi-platform migration
  • Cross-platform and HTML5 solutions
  • Outstanding customer support

Why Opt For Native App Development?

  • Optimal Performance
  • Enhanced Security and Reliability
  • Exceptional Interactivity and Intuitiveness
  • Seamless Integration with Mobile Hardware
  • Quick and Easy Integration of New Features
  • Access to Full Device Feature Set
  • Unmatched User Experience

Our Collaboration Frameworks

We at WALLii have a very different work environment where we understand that each project has their own needs, complexities & requirements and based on that we render our services in a way that best suits our clients. We offer 3 types of Collaboration models that we have designed to maximize your service satisfaction while reducing the cost.

Fixed Model

This model is more perfect & suitable for small/medium-sized projects whose requirement is not more comprehensive and clearly defined. The main objectives and deliverables for the project are also pre-defined, which ensures on-budget and on-time delivery.

  • Our Approach:
  • Initial Discussion

  • Finalize Scope of Work

  • Time & Cost Estimation

  • Signing NDA

  • Execution

  • Delivery

Dedicated Model

This model is perfect & suitable for long-term projects which require high-quality customer-specific processes & which include team members, project managers & infrastructure. Depending on your requirements we offer you highly talented performers and technical resources.

  • Our Approach:
  • Initial Discussion

  • Interview Scheduling

  • Resource Allocation

  • Execution

  • Reporting & Tracking

  • Delivery

Hourly Model

The hourly price model is perfect & suitable where sometimes requirements are not well-defined by clients and which are assumed to undergo changes during any phase of the project development process. This is what we call Agile methodologies.

  • Our Approach:
  • Initial Discussion

  • Analyze Scope Of Work

  • Finalize Job Hours

  • Execution

  • Reporting & Tracking

  • Delivery

Which of our collaboration models aligns best with your business needs? Proceed to complete our 'Request a Quote' form.

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